14 March 2011

The above painting replicates what actually happened to me yesterday afternoon. I got poured on (real good) right before jumping into my zipcar. The artist who painted this is also one of Steven's favorite Japanese artists, Ando Hiroshige. So we're about to witness a supermoon on the 19th! Steven and I have been going back and forth about its effects on the planet and on human beings. Of course, the former is Steven's theory and the latter is mine. I don't really know what to believe anymore but what I do know is I'm excited to see that big, bright ball in the sky! My heart also goes out to everyone having to deal with the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Japan on the 11th. Click here for before and after shots. How quickly life can be taken away from us? All I can think about is let's enjoy it while we can.

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