16 February 2011

Bandaids, that magical cream and trying to stay off my feet is whats going on this week.

I am laughing my bum off (trying to keep it G-rated on here) right now cos you're going to get a kick out of this. Remember how in January I had an infected cyst removed off of my back and it took over TWO weeks for it to heal and then on top of that I picked up whatever nasty bug that was going around, well NOW I have the worse heel blisters from my day out on the snow. I didn't wear thick enough socks while snowshoeing for over 4 hours this past Saturday and now I feel like a dumbass (ooopsss, I slipped out a dirty word). The last three days have been hell and now the blisters are hardening up and I try sooooooo hard not to move them around so they don't crack and open up again. I know, just lovely. Of course, as the trooper that I am I can't wait to go snowshoeing again. Click here for how the blisters came to be. The pain shooting up my legs from my blistered heels was easier to bare this past Monday night because my boyfriend cheered me up with a hand painted card and made me dinner at home.


P.S. readers, I am in need of a project to complete this year. I'm thinking of finding a place to rent out to hang my photos in and invite other artists (friends, etc.) to display their stuff in as well.

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