18 February 2011

And we Zip...

If you are carless like we are I strongly encourage you to join Zipcar. I signed up less than a month ago and we have been zipping ourselves all over town ever since. For the last 5 years I have been making do with public transportation. I haven't minded so much being without a car but, a big BUT, to have your own vehicle and to leave on your own time is absolutely priceless. All I do now is log onto my account and I can reserve a car however many days out or 10 minutes before wanting to go somewhere. It's that easy! I've been driving around in a Mazda 3 Hatch that is located in a parking garage only 1 block away from my apartment. We've so far zipped to Eugene and back, Pine State Biscuits in the NE Alberta area, Horse Brass Pub near Mt. Tabor and last night we dined at The Observatory for a romantic night out. I have the day off today. My cold and blistered heels are bugging the crap out of me but they won't get me down and I wonder what the day will bring. I was suppose to head out to the mountain in the morning to go snowboarding with my friend Julia but of course asked for a rain check. It's suppose to be sunny tomorrow so I'm thinking we should zip somewhere. I'll ask Steven about it when he decides to wake up this morning. he he. He'll probably tell me you need to get better and stay put.

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