21 December 2010

O happy winter solstice day!

So, Steven and I get off the bus the other day and this guy looks at Steven and says "so what numbers did you use to win the lottery" and then looked at me... haha. Working till 3 and then heading off for the big Mit! (that's short for mitten). Much love and happy holidays everyone!

Natalie & Steven happenings: We attended two holiday parties this past Friday. Ivo's company party and one at my colleague's house. Click here and here for photos. We had our neighbor over Sunday for dinner and last night we hung out with our friends for some last minute drunken merrymaking before heading home for the holidays!

Coming up: A new tv series filmed right here in good ol' Portland. Click here to check it out.

Life is good!
P.S. I hate comcast.

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