30 December 2010

2011 O Wow!

O Wow! is what I would hear Steven's youngest brother say on occasion when we were on holiday! I chuckled every time I heard him say it because you knew that something just stunned him cold turkey in disbelief. hehe... I was reminded of an 'O Wow!' moment myself this morning when a friend on facebook, the one that encouraged me to start this blog yet reminded me of my past grievances and had no clue that my life has been beautiful ever since I moved out here to Portland, Oregon. I won't go into the fine nitty, gritty details but trust me when I say My Life is so GOOD right now. When I returned from Michigan this past Sunday there were a few holiday cards and packages waiting for us. One contained a 2011 calendar made by my sister of photos of her little one and hubby over the past year. I'm so happy to see her doing so well and as a family too. So here's to 2011, a year full of love, wonderful surprises and happy accidents. Tomorrow night, the PDX crew, will be celebrating the new year over at Dan&Dom's apartment. They live right above us so I don't have to go very far in this freezing weather. Happy New Year! xo xo

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