17 March 2010

The lecture we went to this past Monday evening at the Schnitz was quite interesting. Click here for more details. Last night I made it to my spin class on time without gripping about it too much. Tonight, I'm hanging out at home with Steven. Evenings with him are just... my favorite~ along with when I can get a good nights sleep in! For real!

I need a weekend in a weekend. Can someone grant me such a luxury? I only want more time basically. Time to mask reality and find my creativity through picture taking! My camera has a few cobwebs on it, hrumph! and its all thanks to my lazybones attitude as of late. Please sunshiney weather like I saw yesterday, please come out and play with us over the weekend. xo


Anonymous said...

Clicked, but got no info.
Seems to be interested.

Anonymous said...

All the leprechauns left for the Netherlands and will form a new government in June to come.

natalie said...

click on it again. now it should work. xo