05 February 2010

New in my life.

  1. I spin. Spin class that is. I've lost a lot of weight already. Hot dog!
  2. Just back from visiting my baby nephew last weekend. I want one now. Maybe a year or two from now.
  3. Pamper myself 2 to 3 times a week in the hot tub, sauna and pool.
  4. Made dinners all week long at home. One night it was crab, last night it was steaks.
  5. Gearing up for Steven's birthday weekend. His birthday is on the 7th.
  6. AND I get to see my nephew again come the end of the month. Mom, Papa and the little guy are flying out to Portland.
  7. My emotions are getting the best of me. Life is tough sometimes, you know.


larque said...

Love to join you for a spin! New things are great things ... keep adding.

Anonymous said...

Wishing Steven a Happy Birthday, I noticed that the party has been celebrated.
Cheers from all the El Jourbagy's.