13 January 2010

Reminder: the sun will return and so will my sanity. But til then, I once saw a rugs sign in SouthWest Portland while right now god's causin Rain.

Focus... Natalie, focus for just one second. I'm heading to Atlanta before the end of the month. Little nephew here I come. Umm yeah, about that, to see you too my lovely El-Jourbagys. Will Portland ever be the same without me for a few days? hehe. Maybe missing me will bring back the photos I need to get reCOGnized here in OR-EE-GUHN. In general, I am just amazed by how human and alone we all truly are. We all complain about something, we all try to secure our worth in this world by ______ (you fill in the blank) and then I laugh, an internal chuckle, totally mesmerized by how we all waste so much energy on such insignificant thought and ***you know what*** instead... we should try stumbling into one of them stores with the rugs in it. hahaha. I've never done that before, have you?

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