15 January 2010

The hills. Cheers to 3 days of this straight in a row. On a side note, those idiots at Camera World better not ruin my weekend. Waiting on a tripod.

...seriously now. Steven got me this sweet tripod for my birthday and one of the legs just snapped right off of it about 2 weeks ago. Pissed me off like there was no tomorrow when it happened because I was trying to capture some great night shots of the snow, you know the one day it snowed here this year. Shoddy piece of equipment! ***fist in air cursing the world*** So, naturally I go to the store to return the da&m thing and well, my encounter with them and conversations since have been just utterly mind boggling. The staff at CW seem to have no clue when the next shipment of this particular tripod will be in and got snippy with me when I was like 'I have to wait, can't I get a refund?' and they were like 'no, the receipt is 30 days pass due and who do you think we are, we can't just have one magically appear for you?' Dude, the nerve of the guy, I wanted to rip him a new one. I've called them repeatedly for updates and finally got wind that this particular tripod is on back order by the company itself. Ugh...another road block. Why does CW carry just the one brand? Why does it feel like none of them really know anything about photography? (I know, I know...very little but still, I have three words for this - customer service blows). So then my severely humble side kicks in and I begin to feel bad about feeling this way because the very next day after I won my G11 - not even out on the market, $500 value - to buy a camera case for it back in November, the guy at the counter had recognized it was me who won and went on about how happy he was for me? I am so disturbed by all of this retardedness: nice about giving away equipment but horrible when it comes to customer service. I know its just a tripod but it was a birthday gift and I was totally gungho about the beginnings of my new yorkish guerrilla style photo-taking to be completely decimated in my excitement by a faulty piece of equipment manufactured by who? Hmmm, I should probably not even go there. haha!

P.S. I put this new feature up on my blog that tags all the cities of readers who view my site. I'm hoping my map lights up like crazy. So far, so good. Scroll down to the very bottom of my site for a visual.

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