08 November 2009

Another Sunday of mine.

The rain and fall colors are hereI saw a little girl painted on the wall that reminded me of myself, ;)I loved the bottled effect here attempting to give you a blurred view of houses lined out on the street in the SE area.These berries were just breath-taking. Hanging there all together with a degree of security yet hanging on for dear life. My weekends seem to just run into one another and do not really serve as breaks between the work weeks. It all started up again this past Thursday night when I went straight from a full work day to a hospitality suite to the 1st Thursday art walk. We saw again that Italian photographer who they say 'came out of hiding' and I find him to be unusually strange. On Friday, I helped out with a morning event and breakfast, afternoon trade show and then off to the hospitality suite I went. That Friday night, Alex, Steven and myself all hung out at the one-of-these-days-to-be-open bar/restaurant and yes, it should be written long-winded like that. I woke up the next day at 7 am to make it to the breakfast cruise on the Willamette River. The weather behaved giving us some blue pockets of sky until right after I headed home from the pier, got into my apartment safe and sound and that is when the sky poured down on Portland - buckets and buckets of rain fell on the city. I spent the afternoon with Steven watching movies at home (the best!) and then took off for the hotel for a night at the Portland Art Museum. All I will say here is check out the China Design Now exhibit. Or just for that matter, head over to the museum. It's the oldest museum on this side of the West Coast.

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