14 October 2009

hehe, one of my colleagues wrote this about me as part of our marketing campaign...

Greetings once again from the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower!

Enclosed is your second installment of our 2009 Team Trading Cards. I have the pleasure this time of introducing you to Natalie El-Jourbagy, another member of our Sales Team. Natalie has been with us for the last four years, coming to us from Atlanta, Georgia working in the hospitality and restaurant business for over a decade now.

Natalie is a particular favorite around here as she is the guru of all things cool to do in Portland. If it is crazy, unusual, or downright FUN, Natalie is in the know! She is a great lover of fine food, enjoys trying the newest restaurants and she can find the hippest boutique without really trying.

At this time of year, late Autumn heading into Winter, we usually find Natalie dreaming of not only a white Christmas but also snow on our local mountains. A new snowboarding junkie, Natalie takes learning new sports to an extreme and hits the slopes as much as possible during snowboarding season.

Natalie’s focus at our hotel is on all groups, all types and from all regions, with rooms of 45-99 on a peak night. Thank you for taking the time to get to know Natalie a little bit better. We look forward to many opportunities to work with you!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a really nice write-up on you. He must have read your blog when it said you were there for five years instead of for just under four years . . . and don't get annoyed. I'm just a stickler for details (plus, I know I haven't been in Georgia that long, so you can't have been in Oregon that long).

The description is very flattering, and you have always had a special knack for finding the unique . . . especially when it comes to boutiques and food.

When are you going snowboarding?


Natty said...

Soon... after Thanksgiving unless the snow comes down sooner than that. And yes, I always do like to think I've lived here longer. Dang it. You caught me yet again. So, I arrived November, 2005. Seems longer. I'll correct my colleague on that. I'm having a good day. Finally... after a month of stressing out over nothing. And guess who's pregnant, my friend Marguerite. She's now 4 months.

Plans for this weekend are to get to bed early this Friday so Steven and I can go on an all day hike on Saturday!!! xo xo

Trent and Carrie said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

That descritption sounds like the cool girl I know!xxxxx
GB mum