22 October 2009

Phew for glass windows...

Can you believe not only will I be celebrating another Halloween with the camels, I'll be celebrating my FOUR, count them - four, years in Portland, Oregon. When it gets up into the years digits, it's really hard to look back and pick out just a few great moments because they were all GREAT. I am looking forward to a few more celebrations in the near future and if anything just to celebrate that I'm doing well with my life and I'm trying to defend myself from all the evils of the world. This morning, I was right next door attending a meeting on the top floor with Travel Portland, our visitor's bureau, and while I was sitting there looking out into the fog filled city a huge black crow just flies right into the window, snatches himself a bug off the window and then takes flight again for one of the rooftops. I texted Steven this bizarre incident and he replied back with "thats cos its almost Halloween." BOO! Tonight, I'm heading for an afternoon of food, drink and networking at Nel Centro, one of downtown Portland’s newest restaurants. It's located adjacent to the Hotel Modera and serves up a Mediterranean cuisine from the cities of Nice and Genoa.


Anonymous said...

It must have been the bird who brought you good tidings! All things from above will bring good luck.
You were talking the whole week about tinkering with your camera, someone was paying attention.
I wish you good luck and many more pictures to come.C

Natty said...

Thank you so much. I was definately wanting one sooner than later. Feels so good! xo