12 September 2009

Hi! First time in a long time where I've been able to sit down and really blog again. As I sit here coping with ninety degree weather (WHY? can't it just cool down already. This is WHY I left the South. My skin and my mind cannot tolerate hot weather), I sit here loving the new shoes I just bought from Sole: I love that store. Last weekend, I grabbed a copy of the Chinook Book. We already used the coupon in there for Wildwood and it pretty much paid for the book itself. I have a lot of happy thoughts racing through my head right now. Some are ones I can't share on my blog out of respect to those who dislike my love for blogging. As for the others, I am waiting for the right moment to tell you what is all going on in my world. Housesitting, dogsitting and carsitting for our friends' has also kept us on our toes. You should see the photos they've been sending me, from Phoenix, Sedona, Bell Rock, Glen Canyon Dam, Antelope Canyon and their final destination, Las Vegas. Incredible! I've already gone ahead and booked us a weekend at Sunriver Resort for the end of this month. I can't wait to head down South again. xo xo


Anonymous said...

Neat shoes!

Anonymous said...

Great support for your foot in this sandal, I like!