11 July 2009

How could you miss editing that?

Tonight we watched the movie The Cell 2. After watching 5 minutes of the movie and noticing the B movie script and acting, I was waiting for this director to make one mistake just one mistake plllllease! Well... our great director Tim Lacofano finally produced toward the end of the movie but even I couldn't predict the blunder that Tim and his ace editing team had up their sleeve! Bare witness as I present to you Tim's masterpiece a serial killer who apparently kills someone with an ax made of... rubber!
I'm gonna ax you in the back...
YEAH I just killed you... wait why is my ax bent?
wait is this ax made out of rubber?

1 comment:

mm said...

Hilarious!! Way to go Mr. Director. Heading downtown to go see the movie that is showing in only 1 theater: Fox Theaters: MOON a small film that won awards in the Sundance Film Festival.