24 June 2009

I found another blog (slash) new person to look up to through my friends' blogs' list of links, phew... called Dooce. The day I can be self-sufficient too is the day I am truly happy! It seems that the trend in the bwb (big wide blogosphere) is 'not really into blogging much lately.' There is a stillness out there and I think it will be a few more weeks before I (we) see a surge of documenting my (our) adventures again. In the near future, Steven and I are going to buy a motorcycle, I hope to get my fancy schmancy camera and plans are to tuck away some money into our airplane fund. Other than that, I'm super stoked about the Bar that Steven and his buddies are fixing up! More to come on that soon. August is their grand opening! Location: downtown! I just love this photo - taken sometime last year... this makes me want to post more photos... Arrivals coming soon of more recent work~


Amanda P. said...

Hi! I love Dooce! She is hysterical and her take on life, especially parenthood, cracks me up daily!

Are you still working? The bar sounds very cool! Can't wait to see some pics and updates!

I hope everything is well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Freckles...it was fun cyber chatting with you....HK