10 June 2009

Both Steven and I are dealing with head colds right now. What sh&tty timing! Things are going great at the hotel and Steven's work at the new bar and with school keeps him really, really busy. Sounds like my parents are having a ball without me these last couple of nights. hehe. Last night my mother was telling me that she pretty much took Papa all over the city: starting near my old apartment in the NW (20th and Overton) area to where the streetcar drops you off in front of the 'pill' tram to OHSU, from OHSU back to the Rose Garden area and so on. hehe. As for me, I got home last night, ate delicious chicken tacos from Chipotle and then crashed and didn't wake up until the AM. I should see them again this afternoon at the Wednesday Farmer's Market in the South Park blocks. I want to pick up some fresh parsley and some delicious cheese.

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