10 May 2009

purty isn't it MOM! love you today and everyday~


Anonymous said...

I've got a basket of pink petunias (is that how you spell the plural of petunia?) hanging from our porch . . . and I planted a bunch of flowers in pots all around the house. I also planted basil, thyme, rosemary and oregano and two tomato plants and some cucumbers. Mmm . . . fresh veggies from the garden!

Busy week -- water authority and BETA awards tonight, shopping tomorrow, SAT banquet Thursday night and band banquet Friday night.

Whew. I'm tired already.


natalie el-jourbagy said...

phew is right. you made me tired by just reading that. hehe.

i didn't do much last night. i've been a lazy bird. i bought some tulips last night and ate a delicious shrimp with pasta dinner. that's all i could muster up. now i'm at work and its just mildly depressing.

enjoy your week! slow down there chief. xo