17 May 2009

I wish sometimes I could be a part of Extreme Makeover - that show that goes around and rebuilds homes for those that are less fortunate. Tonight's episode is quite touching and making me cry non-stop. Not only are they fixing a single house they are fixing up the entire town.

What have I been up too lately? I guess the best place to start is the sun finally came out the other day and I feel once again like doing something, like not just going home but doing something. That something Friday night was a trip out to the raceway to see the Oregon Trail Rally. Talk about awesome! It was thrilling to see a souped up subura come right at you on a turn and race right by you. Steven and I took it upon ourselves to continue the night with some food at Hobo's, drinks at Old Town Pizza and then we found ourselves in the middle of a dance party at Tube! If anyone knows me, I love me some dancing. Saturday was a day of rest and we watched the movie 1984 on the TV via the internet. Most of our channels 32 and higher do not work any longer because our time is up and the need to buy a digital converter box is here. Ugh! Is this a money making scheme or what! I knew it was coming but I'm good at placing myself in a state of denial - sometimes the happyest of places! Anyways, Sunday is here and we are about to make some dinner.


Anonymous said...

Volunteer with your local Habitat for Humanity chapter, and you can help build houses. Just like your very own Extreme Makeover!


Natty said...

I'm too tired after I work, play, do my normal routine... xo