15 May 2009

Coming soon

It's gonna get real busy here in the next month - Highlights are:

Tonight - Oregon Trail Rally
Saturday - the longest bike ride ever seeing the sun will be out!

Next weekend - barbeque and Bruce and Diane will be here (friends of Steven's parents who I met back in August).

Next next weekend - my parents will be here! SO EXCITED. Plans are to visit Southern Oregon and a trip to Joseph, Oregon (Wallowa Mountains).


Anonymous said...

Yea! Makes me feel like I contributed with the suggestion of the Wallowas. It really is a pretty area . . . how far is it from the John Day fossil beds and the painted hills?

I sure could go for a roadtrip. We are heading down South for three days next week, and I'm really looking forward to that -- we're staying at a B&B on Amelia Island and taking the kayaks. I can't wait.


natty said...

Fun! FUn! FUN! I can't wait for this work day to be over is what I can't wait for. And then off to see gymkhana at the raceway!

AND some needed sleep - uninterrupted, sound and beautiful sleep!

Freckled Girl naps soon!