19 September 2008

feeling strong again.

I felt it last night. I felt the fall upon us. It made me wait an entire week. I had the AC on, the air was in a deplorable state of ickiness and my skin and I hated one another. I am not a hot, sticky, humid, still weathered baby. I am most happy when the breeze chills me off, the air feels fresh and the smell makes you reach out for hot things such as coffee, soup and pasties. Another blogger wrote of a similar story but with photos and with words that are so playful, I think I have found my smile again. Dear friends & family, I feel compelled to say just love everyday you have. Oh and I never was able to get a hold of that SLR camera. My friend was in the midst of finals week and didn't have the time to pick up the camera for me. We'll just try, try again for next weekend! Here is one of my very first greeting cards...

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