09 September 2008

Did you hear about it last night on the news? A rubber factory on the east side of the river, right on the river, was on fire! While watching the live breaking news report I turned my head to look outside and there she was:Never a dull day where I live. I watched the new TV series Fringe this evening. Its a little corny at times but the laboratory scenes give me the goosebumps all over. Having studied chemistry watching Fringe reminded me of my days, actually years, spent in the laboratory 3 years (in college) and 2 years (after graduating school). 5 years in the lab and then I was off to bigger and better things. he he. I'm hoping my friend Lisa will be able to check out again a Canon EOS 30d through her school (for free mind you) for the weekend so I can practice with it some more.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't have to smell the rubber factory burning. I'm going to watch Fringe on Sunday -- they are playing the pilot again. I'm a big fan of JJ Abrahms. Nothing too exciting going on, but we are going to the coast this weekend on the cheese wagon for a debate tournament. The upside is that we get to stay on the beach for two nights on my favorite island (maybe second favorite) . . . I'm getting quite excited!