20 August 2008

Thoughts of mine

I am thankful to have this life that I have. I am happy to have spend some time away from the office and enjoy the fullness of a long vacation. I realize I need to be more thoughtful when keeping in touch with my friends. I need to pick up the phone more to let you know I might not be coming over. I am reading more and more how everyone is just trying to find there niche in this world. As for me, I have grown to love everything around me and to not be jealous of anyone's life but my own. I want to teach. Its calling my name and is a goal of mine for 2009. I love being loved. I miss my family and wish I knew what they were all up to. Meeting Steven's family was a wonderful experience. They are very close to one another and when all four brothers are in the same room they turn into 5 year olds. I miss swimming in Lake Michigan but love being back in Portland.


Anonymous said...

" . . . to not be jealous of anyone's life but my own." In other words, don't be a "Me too Iguana." So right! You should only compete against yourself -- to be the best that you can be. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. When you comin' down to the South?


natalie el-jourbagy said...

Traveling South come end of the year!