26 August 2008

Tacos for dinner, the Democratic Convention makes me want to sob (NOT!), pinku the penguin YouTube videos are oh so adorably funny, hearing helicopters zoom by our apartment making us all wonder what in the world was going on, finding comfort in watching the disturbingly hilarious movie Lars and a real girl and then finally passing out was last night.

Someone wrote regarding the helicopter training exercise with “I'm all for the necessity of training. However, in a post-9/11 America, it is completely irresponsible to fly high-speed, unmarked helicopters around the city for hours without any warning or explanation. I live in a condo on the waterfront – a few times I leapt from my couch at the noise and sight of one of the choppers flying straight at my living room window, only to pull up at the last minute. The ordeal went on for hours and well into the night. It was unnerving at the least. Shame on Portland; they owe the taxpayers more warning and explanation.”

I want my money! -Natalie

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