06 July 2008

I love to hang 'things' from my windows. My lavender started to stink up my vase so I replaced it with some fake flowers. It was a quiet fourth of July weekend here in these parts. No getting into trouble to report of this time. Stay tuned...xo ox Oh yeah, I added onto my blog title, thanks Rumi, 'whereever you are, whatever you do be in love.' Ummm, about that, isn't that the only way to be.
I call this photo 'onstage today.' Isn't she a beauty?

I need a vote. I've put together 18 photos that I think are greeting card worthy? On a scale of 1-10 or however you'd like to critic my collection, I'd like to know what you think?


Kemper Wray said...


i'm in a scholarship program at my college and part of my "project" for the semester is going to be this blog. i really appreciate your comment. :)

waar kom je vandaan uit Nederland? (i'm attempting to learn!)

Anonymous said...

Where is the location of this pretty red curtain?C

natalie el-jourbagy said...

It was taken in a side room at the church I go to on Sundays. xo

I saw a photo of Rami with a book on Catholicism that you gave him. You're cute Mom! xo xo