09 July 2008

dank je wel meissie!

A colleague of mine answered one of my emails with the above! I need to learn how to speak Dutch again. I remember when I was little my parents would take my sister and I to Holland every summer for 12 years straight. I loved Holland. The smell, the trees, the railroad tracks, the badminton we played in front of Oma's house, the lovely get togethers with family, my cousins always badgering us to come out and play, the travels by train, the countryside, the beautiful landscape, Amsterdam, Wiljre, everything about Holland is held dear in my heart. I was fortunate to have been able to travel so much as a child. Thank you Mom and Papa so much for these memories. For now, Portland, Oregon is the second best thing to the Netherlands. I'm hoping very soon I'll be able to attend a Dutch conversation night at Costello's Cafe and this week only check out the documentary Gonzo: the life of Hunter S. Thompson playing at Cinema 21. Tonight, we are heading up to the hills with the bikes for some Forest Park fun! Oh and I'm getting stoked about my upcoming trip to Michigan. I want to see for my own eyes all the lakes, especially Gull Lake. We will be staying next door to this beautiful lake. Yay! This Saturday, the bikes will travel with us to Blue Lake Park.

Try this out! I can't do it right now since my office computer is such a dinosaur. It's something new called Wordle. When I read that its objective is to create 'word clouds' the hair on the back of my neck stood up straight! If anyone has the time, can you type in my blog address and send me my word clouds image? mo1nat1rad@yahoo.com. ***Later on in the day I figured out how to create it but not upload the image onto my blog. I must be retarded or something.*** I also bought myself today a yummy delicious exotic candy bar, a Oaxaca Bar, pronounced wau-ha-ka. On my first day of Anthropology 101 (circa 2005), our professor wrote Oaxaca on the board and the first words out of her mouth were 'how do you pronounce this word?' If I had known about this chocolate bar back then I would have blurted out 'chocolate baby.' xo ox. My blood vessels are now happy.Photo taken right as I left the office for the day.


theCrazy said...


theCrazy said...

Babe we are living in a new dimension where the letter t does not exist...

...i hope...

...cos the poor t came off the keyboard and won't go back on :( he he


natalie el-jourbagy said...

damn apple computers!

***i'm giggling pretty hard over here***

Anonymous said...

In the 70th we used to live right on Lake Huron, we used to swim all summer long in the lake.C

natalie el-jourbagy said...

I remember this time vaguely. Where on Lake Huron did we live? What city? Tell me more... xo ox

natalie el-jourbagy said...

I think I have a bad memory. I don't understand why I can't remember a lot of things from my childhood. Was it because I was too young to care or retain these moments in my head? I am so happy to have started this blog when I did.

There is a Portland pillow fight this Saturday:

There will be a mass pillow fight on July 12th, out in front of
PIX PATISSERIE on the bastille day block party,
N Williams Ave at 1:00

Come one, come all- and here are some tips:
1. BYOP: Bring your own pillow, preferably feather (for the effect)
2. Don’t hit anyone without a pillow
3. Don’t start until the whistle blows at 1:00