10 July 2008



Anonymous said...

What is nauseating??C

natalie el-jourbagy said...

I think this photos is beautiful yet if I look at it long enough I feel as if I'm going to throw up?

Do you get this feeling?

xo ox

Anonymous said...

Owen Sound is located right on the bay on Lake Huron, our house was located right above and you could see the lake, on the other side of town was Harrison Park, just a jewel in that area it had a big forest we walked in nearly everyday and a lake.
The winters were awesome, too much snow and loads of it.

natalie el-jourbagy said...

I rememer the name, Owen Sound.

I remember Christmas with the cousins.

I remember more of the townhouse we lived in next to Ann.

And me learning how to ride my bike with the banana seat. I loved that bike.

And the crazy old people home we use to ride our sleighs down the hill and scare them.