01 June 2008

so much beauty

Photos above were taken this morning on a gingerly stroll through a SE neighborhood. We were drawn to the Portland Nursery yet again. This time we bought all-things-edible. Purple sage, orange mint, 2 types of lettuce, garlic chives, seeds of walla walla onions, sunflowers, sweet peas and finger size carrots. We also passed by this place called the Tub and Tan. Another finer american decadence moment this place sounds and looks seedy [their catchy saying is a retreat within the city] but I am thinking it will be a great place for a good soak. I'm now stuffed silly from having eaten a delicious spagetti and meatballs dinner with the neighbors, Alex and Linds.


Anonymous said...

Beauty indeed, this is how the world needs to be seen.
Wonderful pictures.

natalie el-jourbagy said...

Thank You! I can't believe how good these turned out. Spring is definately here. This is the first year I've noticed the flowers coming into bloom. And even after a good rain, the raindrops left make them (flowers) even more beautiful. xo xo

Amanda P. said...

I love your pics! They are beautiful and inspiring!