02 June 2008

red poppy red poppy bring red poppy right over


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Poppy, beautiful color. We call it de klaproos,translated something like poppyrose.

Anonymous said...

www.weather.com says it's rainin' over there -- is that true? We watched the movie "Untraceable" last night, and it is set in Portland and Eugene. The movie was pretty good but quite disturbing.

The rodeo is coming up this weekend -- have you been out to the Pendleton Roundup yet? If you haven't, you should stay at the Bar M ranch for a couple of nights and then take a tram ride into the Wallowas (great views -- a little dicy when the weather is iffy).


natalie el-jourbagy said...

i know, i know. it reminds me of walking through the poppy fields in holland with you, papa, opa, oma and little J.

June is here... and so far the city is crazy busy with the two week Rose Festival. tomorrow, the two fleets arrive so there will be sailors all over town. over the weekend, i need to get out of town. go visit a lake, mountain, just something. its time to rent a car again!~ xo

i do want to try sandboarding on the Oregon Dunes. i might check that out too!

natalie el-jourbagy said...

It is spitting right now and overcast. I remember when that movie came out, Untraceable, and had every intention of watching it but never got around to it.

Hmmmmm... A rodeo? I'm not sure if I like horses bucking around with men on top of them asking for death to come sooner than later.

I remember the only rodeo I have ever been too was the one in Shadydale.

I like the idea of riding the Tram up the Wallowas though! I've always wanted to visit the town of Joseph (for some reason).

It's time to get behind the wheel and zoom out East, I believe.

Love you Freckles!