08 June 2008

I pulled it off or shall I say the 'team' pulled it off last night. My (our) event at the hotel was a hit to all the meeting planners from all over the country who attended this weekend's spring FAM trip. I met so many interesting and cool people. A guy who loved Portland's nightlife, a judge who I mentioned that my sister was an attorney to, counterparts from various states and a very jovial lady from Winnipeg! Every planner I talked to couldn't stop ranting and raving about how amazing the city of Portland is. After the reception at the hotel, we walked across the street to the performing arts center. In the Dolores Winningstad Theatre, we had dinner and listened to music by Jazz II and Aaron Meyer and a group of men from Ghana who sparked the night with their energy driven drum beats!!! I wanted to get up and start dancing with them all. What energy and what spirit!

Please click here at Matt Costa's Mr. Pitiful for a very cool video. I feel like that guy carrying around his appartus of musical instruments but in my world it's invisible guys... if you know what I mean. ;) hehe...Some lyrics are ...But please come down from that cloud you’re sitting on, I don’t expect you to admit that you were wrong...True and catcy, isn't it!

Look what my mom introduced me to Hyves photo exchange. I can't believe I'm seeing photos of family I haven't seen in years.

And I'm waiting for viridian farms to sell their yummy pimientos de padron, small peppers oncini size green chiles. These vegetables always arrive so late in the season. Photos taken today.

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Anonymous said...

The music of Aaron Meyer is awesomem love it love it.