28 June 2008

100 degrees Fahrenheit. lazyness ensues. its too hot. using a borrowed AC window unit and hoping it helps get rid of this sweltering heat.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the heat-bot. I sold out of chevre at the farmer's market on Saturday within two hours of the market opening . . . very exciting! Also, we had a great independence day celebration concert on the steps of the civic center. Folks brought chairs and blankets -- it was great. We missed you. Ms. Camp could go for another person in her section.


natalie el-jourbagy said...

That is exciting. Way to go on the cheese thing! I had a pretty busy Thursday and Friday. My Saturday and Sunday were full of napping, watching Spain win! and having chicken and shrimp kabobs at our neighbors. YUM! We also played pairs (tennis) on the PlayStation3. I tried to beat the heat but it makes my skin itch. Tell everyone thank you for their kind words but I'm staying put. xo xo xo

theCrazy said...

Well today is the start of another exciting week!!!

Where is the monday blog entry? Don't tell me you are too busy at work to do it cos thats a lie :P he he


P.S. I want some of that cheese... DELICIOUS!!!