08 May 2008

you answered so well to my 'four questions' meme, let's do another.

Eight Things I’ve Learned so far in 2008:

1. That I'm an amazing person.
2. That having plants and watching them grow is super fascinating.
3. It's better to use a Brita filter.
4. Not to worry myself into a frenzy.
5. Trips on the MAX line can be spiritual. he he.
6. Drawing with pastels is harder than it looks.
7. I let the rain get to me this year.
8. Not all people know how to relax.

How about you?


mm said...

Eight Things I’ve Learned so far in 2008:

-That I can be resilient
-That true friends can only be counted on one hand.
-That I've gained so much weight instead of losing it!
-As I get older, my mind periodically turns to teflon...things just don't stick
-That I prefer the cold gray weather on most days
-You can get a lot of good reading riding on the bus
-That I can bowl better than Obama
-I miss the South and Southern Cooking
-I've led a fortunate life and I have learned to be grateful for what I have
-I've learned to relax a little more.

Anonymous said...

1. Using a bucket to collect water in the shower for watering household plants is not as annoying as you'd think.
2. Worms like darkness and even moisture, so keep your warm bin shady!
3. Composting toilets have a weird updraft that is not entirely unpleasant.
4. Moving into an upstairs office has its perks, but smells waft up mysteriously and linger.
5. I learned that Ceres is the largest asteroid known to man.
6. Walking five miles up a mountain takes about two hours.
7. A good game of trivial pursuit makes the better part of three hours disappear.