21 May 2008

wrapping things up. xo xo.

above photo taken on 06.17.2007 in Pioneer Square
Expect birthday gifts in the mail and extra surprises this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A lot of naps have been taken recently and GTA4 game playing going on all this week. The good news is the weather is back to normal. Thanks be to the climate holding steady on the coast. We watched a documentary (OPB is the bomb!) last night regarding Top Secret flying disc project(s), otherwise known as UFO's. Oh, and another kick that we need to bump is eating burgers every other day. The best burger in all of Portland can be found at Ford's on Fifth. Later this afternoon, we are all heading over to the farmer's market. I'm in the mood to bake something with rhubarb in it. Like a crisp or a tart? Anyone got a great receipe for me? So try using the following word in a sentence in accordance with the phrophecy. Potemkin village \puh-TEM(P)-kin\, noun: An impressive facade or display that hides an undesirable fact or state; a false front. Now, that's a word. Eight random things about me:

1. When holding a conversation, I sometimes listen to you and sometimes I don’t. It’s something I need to fix but manage to escape without injury so far. I should probably listen better and not let my thoughts act as if they were passing through the gaseous phase.

2. I absolutely hate, loathe, despise shirt tags. I am now accustom to yanking the shirt tags right out as soon as I feel that little itch on the back of my lower neck.

3. My guilty pleasures are Steven, walking through farmer’s markets and traveling.

4. I wonder what it would be like to go on a road trip? At least for a week. Do your legs start to cramp up? How much fun is it riding in a car for 8 hours a day?

5. Two of my favorite stories are a. when I was a little girl my mother would dress me and my sister up in the same dresses. For some reason, I managed to get my little sister onto a bike that was way to big for her and she ended up crashing it (with herself) into a chicken coup. And b. when Jasmine was a little girl she came up to me and pulled my purple satin PJ pants/bottoms up to her shoulders, fell down to the ground, rolled around and said 'look nana, look nana' i'm an inchworm, i'm an inchworm.

6. I love those juice cans in the refrigerated section of the grocery store that you mix with 3 cans of water.

7. Look what I've been missing out on! A recent discovery of boarding on sand. Click here.

8. I am looking forward to house, car and doggie sitting for Marguerite and Chris in mid June.


theCrazy said...

This week is an explosion of birthdays!! Happy Birthday everyone :)

I am going to get to drive today for the first time in weeks! It will be fun even though I will be driving a potekin village of a car he he

It's nice to drive, oblivious to the damage on the environment. Its Soooo nice to be part of the problem not part of the solution Muahahahahahaha... Just say NO to Al Gores carbon tax! here here he he

mm said...

Road trips can be a lot of fun. If you go on a week long road trip at an average of 8-10 hrs. a day (depending on where you go), I highly suggest getting a "book CD" After a full 6 hours of driving on day one, you may want to just listen to someone else's voice besides your own as well as your car companion!