01 May 2008

all this within 3 blocks from the apartment


Anonymous said...

The Chinese Gardens? Today is "See How Many Times You Can Incorporate the Word 'Hindenburg' into Conversation Day" such as "This case is going down in flames like the Hindenburg."

Weekend plans:

Today is movie night: Back to the Future
Tomorrow morning: Chicken-Que
Tomorrow early afternoon: Historical Foundation Annual Meeting
Sunday: Friend's child's baptism and friend's graduation party



Anonymous said...

Oh, such nice pictures, great colors!
Have a super, duper Friday!

natty said...

Thanks so much!

Hey Freckles, why not have a day where you end each sentence with 'in accordance with the phrophecy' and 'do you want fries with that.' It sounds silly but once you're on a roll the laughter just doesn't stop. As for last night, I was a little disappointed in the Street Fair this year. There were no bands (music), belly dancers or food stands like last year had. Boo hoo! I would stop people in their tracks who carried food to ask 'where did you get that from?' I finally asked someone giving out information on the street fest and that is when I found out that admission to the Chinese Gardens was for free that evening. We scurried on over there wishing it was our very own garden. I learned more on how to use the manual focus feature on my camera and well, ta da, the photos you see here today.

This weekend:

Friday: movie night. Courtesy of Netflix
Saturday: a hike. A sunny day is expected.
Sunday: church and then dinner with our next door neighbors. Alex and Lindsay lost a game of bowling to us so the loser has to make us Sunday dinner. YUM! I wonder what is on the menu?