20 July 2007

cupcake nirvana on 10th and everett

~me a year ago minus the additional freckle


Zone8 Gardener said...

yum.... cupcakes.
I haven't had breakfast yet and that is looking really tasty.

natty said...

this was a downtown cupcake brown--delicious devil’s food cake filled with sour cream chocolate ganache, topped with rich fudge icing and fresh grated chocolate. it was like the BEST thing since a saint cupcake Cupcake but really the best. does that make any sense? www.cupcakejones.net/

and i was walking around the Pearl last night on my way to meet up with Jen and Kori at the new bar, Teardrop Lounge, and past by Powells bookstore where a long line of Harry Potter fans blocking off the street pretty much JUST for the next and I think, last (what do i know about HP) book in the series of wizardry madness. what a bunch o' crazies! ;)

what would you wait in line for?

pdxdanc said...

I googled "10th and Everett" and this post came up first. Congrats! So uhhh, Is that Dutch or something?