07 July 2007

070707 see it, live it... its it!!!

do you ever question your life
do you ever wonder why
do you ever see in your dreams...
all the castles in the sky
[slices of peaches, nope. its a piece of artwork. rectangular slices as you walk into the entrance of a condominium] days like today should last forever, FORever. i do believe the color of my sundress (accompanied with blue jeans) matches my paper ice lolly today. ~enjoy my Summer Saturday photos below~ i just got home and decided to upload these photos NOW. i shall narrate LATER. but before i publish this post i have (1) thing to say and that is while i was out biking around on another PORTLAND crazy beautiful day i noticed how different we all are. how we all walk, play and talk but live SUCH separate lives. i am but a speckle. it made me realize how beautiful things are in my life. you know the one that i cohabit in right now. to the people that are in mine, i cherish you all SO much! all photos were self-taken. i wonder how my 4.0 pixies weather out in the race to beat the 5.2~

[me in thirds]

[birthDAY quick do-you-believe descriptions of steven and i]

[matching dress paper popiscle colors combine]

[when i put my bike helmet on, i want to run. run natty run]
[could pepsi cola consume the marina as it does in this photo. what i like so much about this photo is how the reflection plays out and in specific the bicycle print. a portland icon]

[i'm not so much loving my facial expression here but i found a spot where i know i'll come back to time and again]
[i wrote in the sand in additon to the ones posted here but need to keep my love life somewhat private... he he]
[this spot is the spot where i thought to myself WHY i have i not seen the movie transformers yet? that will be a Sunday mission of mine. i use to watch the transformers as a little girl. i just read a little teaser to the movie: the movie opens with optimus prime narrating the history of the cube, the allspark, and how its origins were unknown, and where ever it traveled it created life, even on cybertron...the battle reaches its climax, and optimus asks sam to release the allspark into his chest, but sam turns and releases it into megatron's chest, killing the decepticon leader. optimus stands over megatron, and looks into his fading optics and laments for his "brother". ahhhhh, what a travesty.]
[i love hydrangas]
[i found a saying that i can relate to...]

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theCrazy said...

Grr... well it looks like the 4.0 has taken the lead in this challenge but don't count out the mighty power of the 5.2 :P he he You may have won the battle but you will surly not win the war he he and wha... how do you take such good pictures all in one day? I like you in thirds just don't get stuck that way okay!
The bike helmet picture is cracking me up! crazy xo