04 June 2007

i am Painting my Apartment Tomorrow Night

above: color for my bedroom... OR should this be my living room color (maybe lighter, since lighter colors, i'm told, make a room look bigger). below: a great bedroom look? help! your input would be greatly appreciated...
and to HL, this comic reminded me of you. i don't know why i think its so funny. ;) xo
i looked up plane tickets for JASMINE and... they are up in the 500s. hmmmmmm... can we play around with them dates? oh... and here's a good laugh or made me laugh hard today and at my expense. kristina and i go for a quick walk to the local coffee shop. we're in line, i'm feeling super confident in my new pants suit and i ask her if she wanted anything.. she was like not really but i'll share a cup of fruit with you SO naturally i go to grab the fruit container and shaPow! my hand comes to a halt; the glass covering laughs at me as i hit its surface hard on. G! Gawd! Geez! next thing you know after realizing what i had done, i look at kristina and there it was - an eruption of laughter that gave way to wondering eyes, questioning looks, curious george's wanting all to know What Just Happened. the cashier broke the silence and asked us What are you two girls laughing about?


Anonymous said...

Love those colors. A light pink is very relaxing . . . pink is supposed to be calming, and if you have wood floors and nice windows, a soft pink can be nice. Though I like that aqua. You should paint puffy clouds on the walls.

I also like the lavenderish color, though, it is true, dark colors do make a place seem more cozy and enclosed. Use bright reflective colors for small spaces.

And kayak cartoon is funny.


natty said...

yes, i love lavenderish too! hmmmmm... first i work on living room wall. then bedroom next.

i'm hoping i can make it to the paint store before 6 PM. mad dash is the way i roll these days.

pink, is not my color. even though i like it.

clouds on the ceiling is what i'm thinking of doing.


natty said...

i might have to just try that.