28 June 2007

almost July. catch firelies with me

i haven't seen a firefly since my arrival in Portland, Oregon, Halloween, 2005 but i couldn't help but dedicate an whole entry this evening to why fireflies do what they do. 'fireflies blink to attract a mate. males fly around while females sit in trees, in shrubs, or on the ground. here is some summer fun for you. find a female and watch her blinking pattern. try to imitate the pattern with a pen flashlight and the males will come to you.' hmmmmmmmm...can you imagine if we had a blinkety blinker of some sort to be used when attracting our mates. as if!!!


Anonymous said...

We were sitting on our swinging bench below the oak tree, watching the fireflies do their mating dance near the tree line. Quite lovely and twinkly.


natty said...

who is we? and why don't you ever call me? i love your comments but i need some time with you on the phone. :)

i thought it was quite unbearably hot right now.

5 days off for me after the bell rings today at 5 PM

Anonymous said...

I love watching the fireflies at night they are beautiful, but i have noticed there are less this year than normal:( hmmm... maybe it's because it's soooooo hot and now my airconditioning is broke grrr...it's like 80 in my house right now, in the basement it is cool but i can't get an internet connection so I will now go to the store and buy lots of red, white, and blue pops to keep me cool