26 May 2007


University of Portland: Chiles Center

Portland, OR 97201
(503) 943-7451
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all i wanted was driving directions. that's all. the ABOVE is what yours truly was presented with after typing into the Google Search Engine - Chiles Center University of Portland. so let me point out a few things to you before we go into how erroneous my directions were, leading Jen and I on a wild goose chase and making us an hour late to the USA Volleyball Men vs France game. a) i do not own a car. b) when i rent, i am directionally impaired to begin with and c) i believe the real reason i didn't put 2 plus 2 together is because i confused the university of portland (located in NoPo, that's short for North Portland) for portland state university (southwest). so we continued to follow MY SOUTHWEST directions provided by Google up until we got lost in a residential area near OHSU. at this time, not truly able to let go completely that i had the wrong set of directions (foil that Google!), i had my father on the phone confirming that i was indeed in the wrong part of town. i needed to be in North Portland, not SW. drats! crap! and more crap! how can i ever trust the accuracy of Google anymore? ***natty sighs*** and my sincere apologies to my father for bearing with me on the phone while giving me the right set of directions to the chiles center. again, i'm sorry papa. xo. once i got off the phone with him, i looked at Jen and all she could do was burst into tears, tears of laughter. at this point, we were already 45 minutes late to the game. per papa's driving directions (i wonder, did he pull them off googleMap too?) and for all of you who happen to ever need to visit the University of Portland, follow my lead here, cross over the broadway bridge, turn right on N. larrabee avenue, turn right on N. interstate avenue, turn right on N. Greeley, turn left on N. portland blvd and that make a slight right at N. williamette blvd. phew. made it! the two of us circled the entire chiles center looking for signs of life. it was dead on the outside. like something out of the movie 28 days later. creeped out a bit, we knocked finally on a set of doors and someone let us in. mind you, we had tickets but the lady just let us in. no questions asked. the stadium was full of loud people. he he. all jen and i could do at this point was take in the sites. ;) in the end, the French won the last game, 3 out of 5. the game was over at around 9:40 and the two of us were jones'n for a burger. we went back the same we came and well... we stopped at the widmer brewery pub and restaurant. we sampled a few beers and when our burgers came out both of us knew there to be nothing but silence! tonight was definately a fun adventure of finding our way through this labyrinth i like to call Portland, Oregon.

i went to Ohm the other night and saw kj sawka play out. its not for everyone kiddies but this ONe totally loved it. click play to listen. dancehall devastation! and crazy is coming up mid-June. if i don't go, you should consider going TO EMRGNSEE.


Anonymous said...

It is a known fact to any native Oregonian that the University of Oregon is located in another dimension and can only be located by driving in circles for at least an hour. Since we expect the delay it isn't much an inconvenience. But to an Oregon newbie it can be an adventure.:)


natty said...

then there is just that... the University of Oregon located in ah, is it Eugene and then Oregon State is in Corvalis. is being here a year and a half still considered a newbie. gosh, i hope so or either i'll chock it up to Natty Ignorance. _ _ it happens. ;)