14 May 2007


O Valencia video. kevin, a new friend of mine as of tonite, is in this video. he's the one on the right in khaki pants. and he smashes tv's too ~ i would describe kevin as normal and short ;) -- just kidding. and send me that comic strip link?

the food at this vegan cafe was live and surprisingly yummy. |live means raw|

stephen, this video (see below) is from ME to YOU for sending me after 8 years short mini-movie clips of our alaska trip and that after all this time, cookie monster got milk t-shirts, the 8 hour drive from anchorage to homer, mosquitos swarming, someone yelling out of their car after driving down a 60 mile dirt road, parking and then walking another 3 miles and just dumping our gear on the side of the road to partake in the Summer Solstice festivities, that these memories would never grow old TO who would have dunk it, those weird looking hats that were knitted with coco cola cans imbedded in the wool would someday become a passion of mine. stephen, i thought once to steal your bike but i thought better of it


Rami said...

its coca cola........

natty said...

the one word i misspell and i FORGOT to go back and spells its correctly. ;)


love you ... miss you ... congrads on the Tampa Apple Training Gig and send me those photos of you so i can show all my lady friends!