30 May 2007

playground mirrors

where in Portland can you find nuvrei

tonight. i see a blue moon. i'm reminded that the anatomical exhibition of real human bodies opens up on june 7th at OMSI. i ate a burger from ford's on 5th. and today's topic on the office white board was 'what would Natalie do if her camera disappeared? answers. knitting until her finger fell off. go into convulsions. buy a mirror (included art rendering, imagine a girl's head as a circular mirror dangles at about an arm's length with the following description, it hangs in front so she can admire herself). drop everything and Go Buy another one with her huge bonus!!! -- i let my office peeps crack jokes at my expense and then out of no where, a second question appeared. what do you love most about Nat? how she captures everything on camera for us who are to lazy to do so. her laugh.' -- i love my office mates. AND i went back and forth with Marilyn today via email. i've adopted her as of today! and to my idaho friend, manuel, continue to send me your photos. you have an eye for it too! and i will be one happy person once the new MAX light rail construction has moved away from the front of my building. right now, light rail construction IS TAKING PLACE monday through saturday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. i can hear them right now...


Anonymous said...

Amelia Island

Day 3

08:30 - wakeup and make way to breakfast room
09:00 - fortuitiously sit next to two Scots; discuss infectious diseases and religion/evolution
10:30 - head out to Little Talbot State Park to go kayaking; park along a causeway and enter salt water marsh; perfect weather
12:30 - make way to ocean desert land; low-tide reveals rotting horseshoe crab; take a walk and look at all the boats
12:45 - head back to car; paddle leisurely; husband thinks of ways to attach a sail to his kayak
15:20 - get to car and head back to b&b for social hour
16:00 - get to social hour and no one is there; decide to take yet another bath in the whirlpool tub whilst reading; pick out new bowties for husband's birthday
17:30 - head out for dinner and sunset; sit outside on veranda overlooking causeway/marina
18:20 - eat dinner; yummy ahi tuna and rock fish
19:30 - watch sunset; run into Scots; head to fudge shop and get to ice creams and . . . fudge!
21:30 - back to b&b


Anonymous said...

The smoke of the forest fires in southern GA is really bad today it smells and looks like neighbours having a fire in the yard, it is bad for your lungs.

natty said...

yum. fudge, kayaking, baths, food.

i need to mush, mush this AM! comment a little later.

Anonymous said...

Mister R is flying to Tampa tomorrow for his assignment with the A company.
He will be back for graduation in M for J.
Have a great mush.
From smokey town.

natty said...

talk code more often C. i understand it C-OMPLETELY. he he.

much love and i'm about to C-ALL you.

natty said...

exactly what did you talk about re: infections diseases AND when was T's birfday. i need to wish him a belated day!

tallzman said...

Looks like you've lost a lot of weight!