06 February 2007

STOP it NOW, click here. when george w. bush named Eric Keroack — a man who doesn't even believe in birth control — to head up america's family planning program, we knew it meant trouble. now, bush and keroack have put forward a budget that turns its back on women in need. there are more than 17 million women in the united states who require subsidized family planning services, and there is not enough funding to meet the need.

tell your member of congress to allocate $385 million for title X, america's family planning program, and pass the prevention first act.

the bush-keroack budget isn't just a misguided ideological document. it's an anti-birth control blueprint that will have very real consequences in women's lives. for every year that the federal government fails to fully fund title X, the needs of low-income women and of teens who require vital family planning services are compromised. that leads to more unintended pregnancies and endangers the health of millions of women and children.

this budget is yet another example of george bush and eric keroack choosing ideology over science and common sense. that's why congress needs not only to reject the bush-keroack budget, but to put america on a new, more promising path by passing the prevention first act.

makes me angry sometimes what we have to put up with... continue fighting, my friends, it is all worth it in the end.

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Anonymous said...

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