28 January 2007

elegance is refusal

[click on my flickr gallery vol. 2 for more photos] what a lovely evening. 5 stunningly beautiful women, and i mean beautiful from the inside out celebrated jen's 28th last night. i will post more later this evening. i need to get my snowboard gear out and get ready for a 10 o' clock pickup. and i will miss the view from my living room window. again, mt. st. helens is sitting pretty in the far off distance. a safe distance, i might add. i just looked up because i heard this noise and raven is licking the condensation off of the window sill. silly cat, his water bowl is always full to the rim. life is good my friends. the puppy goes snowboarding today. ;)

tea is great for your heart -- until you add milk. milk proteins called caseins interact with catechins in tea and this combination, prevents the blood vessels from relaxing. drats! and where did all the decent men go? do they still even exist? i know they do... just so hard to find. jen, i'm thinking this is more fun than the alternative. ;)

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