18 January 2007

click here for my iPod fix? hmmmm... is iPod access the key? theres only one peach with the hole in the middle... slushy today. more snow tonight. so if i’m suppose to think logically about how we all perceive ideas and carry out our thoughts through actions, wouldn’t we all be running down the streets with our ski gear on ranting on about how perfect Portland is to live in. and how easy it is to find happyness in eating homemade tortillas with red sauce… for some reason, i’m sitting here at work and i’m seriously stoked… about what? that i am in a good place in my life. finally. i don’t have to much news to share at the moment. or at least something of substinance to write about. that will come later. for now, i’m thinking of all the things i don’t have: mixing bowls, a spoon with a flat edge to mix with, salad bowls, more wooly socks, updated canadian passport and oregon drivers' license (must do soon) and for the dreamer-in-me, an iPhone. i want to EAT sushi this weekend too! and to my sister, you with a pinched nerve in neck is like my eye-twitching epidemic!


upinthecloudsnat said...

the weekend plans:

see pan labryinth friday night and get all crazy with jeremy ;)

go snowboarding on saturday. i've got all the gear. just need to buy a lift ticket. sweet!

sunday. rest babe rest! prep for tuesday knit night, i'm hosting at my apartment and buy yarn so i can start laptop case.

as kristina once said to me Come here puppy come...

upinthecloudsnat said...