27 January 2007

moving in slow motion

the math tutor just woke up to the sounds of people moving in next door. i live on the top floor, 3rd level with only two condos per floor. i've lived here since september and its been vacant up until today. i wonder how much they paid for their pad. i'm going to venture to say somewhere in the mid 300s. so, i shall hear the constant sounds of footsteps up and down, up and down 2 sets of stairs this amazing late January day in Portland, Oregon. i think i'm going to go for a JOG. i have not exercised, besides snowboarding, since september. not one jog of 3 miles, no aerobic activity, no nothing. on friday, one of my colleagues mentioned she was training for a half marathon so 2 to 3 miles every other day is easy! get going natalie!

and to my friends/readers, eventhough i write on and on about finding answers to why certain things have happened to me, i've always remained humble and i have never felt better in all my life. mistakes are inevitable but with matters of the human spirit: think twice before you decide to twist and create your webs of mischief, lies and deceit. everything else in life is a piece o' cake. someone wrote to me the other day, truly, life is good. thank you. i wrote back with it is...isn't it, and he returned with indeed my friend. not too many know the secret. AND to my sister, k2, are we going snowboarding in the AM? the puppy wants to GO. UPDATE: we are snowboarding in the AM, leave the house around 10. preston, i can't do coffee in the AM. raincheck?

tonight is my friends' 28th birthday night out on the town. we dance... we dance... tonight! UPDATE: jen just called. i had no idea what i was going to wear until she called. sweet! black, lacey skirt and her blue shirt from jan's b-day party with my black wedge shoes. yes, a girl gets all excited about what she wears out.

yes, another UPDATE. stephen just called. he is in DC. marching with the masses. all is good and he travels home safe and sound.

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