20 January 2007

here tickey, tickey, here tickey, tickey

capitán vidal: you could have obeyed me!
doctor: [his last words] but captain, obey for obey's sake... that's something only people like you do.

the missing tickey (movie ticket) was no where to be found. i looked endlessly for it: searched my pockets high and low but to no avail, jeremy and i decided to head back to Cinema 21 while conjuring a plot as to how to get in without having to pay AGAIN. mid-way, jeremy picks up the missing red ticket. 'look, i found your ticket!' and sure enough, his ticket ended in 49, mine with 50. we both laughed and walked past the long line and straight into the movie theater WITHOUT even having to show our ticket stubs. crazy. if anything, go see pan labyrinth. all about making life beautiful in the midst of unfairness and cruelty. go see, go see...

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Anonymous said...

this movie was ver nice