26 January 2007

almost ran into this on my way home

its new. and as i chatted with another curious human passing by, we agreed the signage might still not serve its purpose since a) chinatown is not in the direction of the river and b) the pearl district is not to your immediate left. what do you think? i have a reception to attend this evening and then straight home to watch mission impossible III. i wonder if its any good. i hope i can watch it through its entirety with my recent dislike of tom cruise.

i love me a friday! listen to queens of the stone age, thanks gerhamiya for the new music tunes, sorry no iPod for you. mahaahahahhaamuahhhhhhaaa

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Anonymous said...

Fridays always seem to be the busiest day for me. Sometimes I stay at work until 9 p.m. -- well, I only did that once, but it is so nice and quiet on Friday evenings that it is just so tempting. Off to go deliver some things. Crazy comments yesterday -- too many to read. Did you get any work done that day?