07 December 2006

this saturday


Anonymous said...

To Mount Hood or skiing? Man, I don't know what they are talking about when they say "bunny" hill -- they must be joking. For someone not used to sliding at breakneck speeds on snow, it seems like a monster hill. If you ever watch SouthPark, remember: french fries, pizza, french fries, pizza.



upinthecloudsnat said...

meadows... and i'm going to take a snowboarding class. i just got into work and renner is going to let me borrow her snow pants and they are stylish! if anything, i want to play in the snow... and check out all the boys!!!! and i'm not a stranger to the slopes. its just been awhile...i've got a helmet... just in case.

i never watched much of southpark. that and saturday night live were not my thing.

but i was happy that Caridee won.