17 December 2006

ja, ik ben 18 jaar ouder

what happened to "Royal Brand Beer"
who my grandfather worked for in wiljre, holland.
or if you prefer to read in dutch, click here


Anonymous said...

Sad news about your Mount Hood climbers . . . it's amazing how bad weather can make a popular climb treacherous. I suppose they took a more difficult route, and they did make the climb in winter . . . so they weren't making the "regular" climb. Another good book to read: Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. It is a very gripping read of a climb up Everest.


Anonymous said...

You must be busy. I imagine Christmas-time must be a busy time in the hotel industry. Any special activities at PDX Hilton? Excited about going home?


upinthecloudsnat said...

sorry. been busy. virus at work, trying to keep my sanity before the holidays and take care of business before i jet for home... :)

i CAN"T wait to just sleep in and do much of NOTHING! :)

well, special is, me making my goal again for the last trimester and for the year. booya. xoxoxox