28 December 2006

finding stuff

i wrote this back in 2000.

lost and nowhere to go
i free myself from all inward thought
it consumes me every day
perched against the ledge
not wanting to fall
swaying in the wind
teasing my soul
creating a torture that blooms
all during the course of my

can i remove it? once i do, i will
reach the heavens and do
something with my life.
i have waited too long
there is no reason to not to
what do i fear?
nothing but failure
failure is the way in which
we become closer to the ultimate
trail which is
are we meant to succeed and if so,
why do i sit in the last row
watching the world go by.

so many questions racing through
my head.
i don't know which one to answer first.
confusion sets in, lost in a soup of emotion
seeing the ladel but unable to find the noodle
its all a big risk
i am who i am
but who is that?
waiting on the back porch
my favorite place to be
swinging back and forth
listening to the
the melody tells me
to love me for who i am.

back to now: life is good. wishes do come true ;)

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