01 December 2006

check out my dear friend - april moon [click on her name]. she just launched her website and its all about her travels in india. we go way back to our time spent at the Center of Puppetry Arts, back in the ATL. good times, good times. i helped out as a house manager as well as everything that goes into the art of puppetry and so says the Blue Dog in black fedora...

I'm headed for the station with a pack on my back.
I'm tired of transportation in the back of a hat.
I love to hear the rythm of a clickety-clack
and hear the whistle blowin', see the smoke from the stack.
Pal around with democratic fellas named Mack,
so take me right back to the track - Jack!

Choo Choo, choo choo ch boogie.
Woo woo, woo woo ch boogie.
Choo Choo, choo choo ch boogie.
Take me right back to the track, Jack!

i'll be out for the next few days or so.
MAUD arrives today at 5.41 PM
for some pimpin' fun in p'town!
some pre-birthday festivites are sure to be had!

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